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Mercury Advanced Ultrasonic Data Acquistion System

Monday, October 13, 2014

WesDyne AMDATA introduces our new Mercury Advanced Ultrasonic Data Acquisition hardware. The   IntraSpect Mercury uses the latest ARM based processor in its control hardware as the basis for this new line of UT and ET hardware.  The new controller provides a significant increase in data throughput.  Depending upon the application, speeds of over 30 inches per second can be realized. 

The Mercury UT hardware is flexible and can be used for immersion inspection systems, system upgrades, retrofits and as a field portable system.  Applications areas include, process hardware, nuclear, aerospace, weld and corrosion inspection.

As a field portable system, the Mercury is paired with our new IMS and 5080e scanner; to provide a total corrosion mapping solution. The Mercury CIS provides a complete accurate Hi-speed corrosion assessment and imaging solution for the detection and monitoring of corrosion in the energy, and oil & gas industries.

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